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We Provide BMW and Porsche Body Parts, tails and spoilers for your Porsche 911, 993, 996, 997, Boxster
Including Lexan Racing Glass Windshields
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Porsche Boxster and Porsche Boxster S


What does MA SHAW do.
We manufacture carbon fiber and glass composite body parts, lexan windshield race glass, tails and spoilers, doors, hoods, and more for Porsches and BMWs.  You may have seen our products out there but we are the manufacturer.

Over 20 Years Experience:
We have over 20 Years of experience in engineering and design of Porsche 911, 993, 996, Porsche Boxster and BMW spoilers and body kits for many models including the Porsche 996 Cabriolet.  In fact, we are the only maker of a rear spoiler expressly for the Porsche Cabriolet. (convertible)  

Which vehicles do we manufacture body parts for:
MAShaw manufactures custom fabrication spoilers and body parts and accessories for the following Porsches: 911, 993, 996 & Boxster, 968, 986, speedster, turbo, twin turbo, targa, cabriolet, convertible, coupe, and other Porsche classics.  We also produce BMW tails and spoilers, reproduction and body kits, doors, tails and spoilers for the BMW M-3, E-36 and E-46.

If you are looking to customize or modify your factory Porsche or BMW to make it a true exotic, try using our body modfication kits, because upgrading your vehicle is easy with MASHAW.  If you need more information or need directions to our facilities or would just like to email us, we would love to hear from you.

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Contact Information:

13951 Gershon Place 
Santa Ana, Cal. 92705
Phone: (714) 423-7429
FAX:  (714) 838-6847

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