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Why go with out Lexan Race Glass Windshields?

Advantages of our LEXANŽ Windows

LEXANŽ coated sheet is a two sided hard-coated polycarbonate material that offers excellent impact resistance, optical clarity and abrasion resistance. LEXAN coated sheet is ideal for many functional parts requiring exceptional toughness and surface hardness.

Weight savings - Using LEXANŽ carries a substantial weight savings over the use of ordinary glass. For example, a 1/4" thick square foot of LEXANŽ weighs 1.56 lbs. in comparison to 3.2 lbs. of glass. Another consideration is that further weight savings can be obtained because a lesser thickness of LEXANŽ may be used. (An 1/8" window may be used replacing a 3/16" thick glass application).

Safety considerations support polycarbonate over glass. Glass is a brittle material. LEXANŽ has proven to be a much better impact absorbent substance. LEXAN polycarbonate sheet offers the highest impact strength of any transparent glazing product--250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of acrylic.

Endorsed by sanctioning bodies - Many sanctioning bodies have endorsed the use of polycarbonate products and more are changing over each season. These authorities have studied and evaluated the suitability of polycarbonates and support their use. Sanctioning bodies permitting the use of polycarbonate windows include NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, SCCA, ARCA, CART, and many others. Please check with your sanctioning body for updates to the rules for your class or series.

Ease of installation - LEXANŽ windows are molded to OEM specifications and are shipped oversize. This eases installation in bodies of different manufacturers.

Customization - LEXANŽ windows provide you the ability to customize more readily, as they provide an ease of alteration and transformation.

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